7 September 2008

For my happiness

Will you follow me
if I decide to roam far?
I know who you are,
but I wonder what you'd do...
You're independent,
and maybe that's why I love you

You told me once
you wouldn't fight for me
Though in saying so, you did:
giving me up for my own happiness
made me see that you were it.

And yet I sit and wonder
My heart refuses to heed my brain
I know you want to make this work,
but if the choice comes again...
... Will you let me fly north,
south, east, west,
because for me it's best,
but stay behind to live your life?

Because I'd rather not take flight
if it means leaving you behind
I'd rather not open my wings
and heed the song that my heart sings
I'd rather stay,
flightless and caged,
but stay engaged...

I love that you encourage me to fly,
but please don't hesitate to ask me to stay
because to me happiness is you and I,
no matter what, and come what may.


  1. and after reading I still don't see any beauty in a bird that can't fly

  2. Belo ponto de vista! Até comentava em inglês... Mas sou tão aficionado pela minha língua materna...

  3. Balmoth: how do you always manage to be so sweet, even when you misunderstand me? Thanks for putting up with my persistent paranoia... Thanks for giving me wings, but mostly thank you for giving me a safe place to (crash)land...

    Balhau: acho que já te disse antes, estás à vontade para comentar na língua que quiseres! E eu vou escrevendo na língua-materna que me apetecer... :P